The Story Behind Angeltrails

My first vision of Angeltrails came to me during a group meditation many years ago… In the vision I was walking upon a dusty mountain path that was like no other I had previously seen. Ahead of me on the path were two constant wavy lines that seemed to flow on forever into the forested horizon. As I followed the vision path I soon found my self looking at the back of an angel whose wing tips were dragging along the dusty path creating trails. When I asked what this was I was told “this is Angeltrails”.

Since I was a small child I had been eager to realize what felt like my life’s work. And now feeling energized and renewed I forged ahead to create Angeltrails. At first I saw Angeltrails as a place where people could gather to do spiritual work and healing as well as enhance their own personal growth in an environment surrounded by like-minded people.

One afternoon while taking a short horse back ride through a long winding grove of trees I was meditating upon how such a place could come to be. The confirmation I needed to use the name “Angeltrails” came when I happened upon a well-worn path that was strewn about with wild bird feathers from one end to the other. In fact, this path so closely resembled the path I had previously seen in vision it confirmed to me that this was the path I was meant to follow.

Originally I had envisioned Angeltrails as a ranch somewhere in the Northwest, perhaps Oregon or Washington; however, it was soon revealed to me that Angeltrails was not a place or a destination but a special access to the source of light, wisdom and understanding intended for the well being, health, inter-knowing and spiritual growth of those who came to me for Intuitive Readings, Reiki or Metaphysical classes, whether conducted in person or over the telephone.

Angeltrails has continued to evolve as I have personally grown and learned new skills while helping others gain insight and understanding through the assistance of their own Personal Guides and Angels.

I would like to personally invite you to experience the connection and peace of mind that comes through this vast source of courage and strength in our ever-evolving world.

~ Ginger Lee Frost