About Ginger

As a young child growing up in Iowa Ginger Lee Frost began to recognize her natural abilities to see, hear and sense Spirits, Guides, Angels, Fairies, and disembodied spirits.

Through the guidance of her maternal grandmother, Ginger learned when and where it was appropriate to share the information given by Angels and Guides. Her psychic and intuitive abilities follow maternal lines through four known generations.

After graduating college and dedicating 25 years to the printing industry, she was directed to leave her career and follow her life’s calling as a Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Shaman, Reiki Master and Intuitive Reader.

Ginger now enjoys the opportunity to focus her abilities full-time in the assistance and guidance of others along their personal spiritual journeys.


In effort to sharpen her skills, deepen her understanding and strengthen her natural abilities, Ginger Lee Frost has:

  • Studied with and been initiated into Tibetan Shamanism by Dr. Larry Peters
  • Read a myriad of books and taken workshops and classes that cover the gamut of the Metaphysical Arts
  • Attended Light Workers Conventions
  • Studied with a group of Intuitive Readers
  • Honed natural skills through daily practice and meditation